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Co-Curricular Activity

Co-curricular activities are a boon in KVS to boost the all-round development and morale of a child. The Co-curricular Activities for the year have been planned and printed in the students diary. These planned are conducted every week in the CCA periods. Besides, students are encouraged to participate in Co-curricular Activities conducted by other institutions at inter-school level and regional level. Our students have won the prizes and brought laurels to our Vidyalaya in the competitions conducted by them. The Vidyalaya also organizes special programmes on the important days and impart values and ideas to the students through the Co-curricular Activities.
The secondary students are divided in four Houses namely Shivaji, Ashoka, Tagore and Raman and Competitions are held at three level


Kendriya Vidyalaya play a vital role in moulding the children into good human beings and responsible citizens. At Kendriya Vidyalaya, Minambakkam, ample opportunities are offered to the students through extracurricular activities for progress, holistic personality development, creative and critical thinking by conductiving various competitions.We take pleasure in saying that our students have displayed their exceptional talent by participating actively in these competitions.
Assembly Programmes:
The morning assembly programmes are conducted daily with prayer, a thought with meaning, News, Pledge and also a special programme like a song, dance, drama and quiz. Maximum students are encouraged to take part in the Assembly programmes. Children are taught to do simple yogas by mudras to practice self- control, which is a gift for the students. Children are encouraged to do silent prayers for two minutes which help them to relax and develop concentration.
Music and Dance:
In addition to the music classes in the school curriculum, Children are increasing their talents by learning dance.